Teaching and Learning Scary Fractions


Small Index Size Recipe Cards

Medium sized Pot

Large Stirring Spoon


Create a Scary Recipe for a Halloween Witches’ Brew:

Using various fraction amounts of ingredients, all students must add the total amount of liquid for the brew.


• 4 1/2 cups Mud Water

• 2 1/2 tbls Ghecko Slime

• 1 3/4 cups Chopped Toenails

• 1/4 tbls Frog Legs

• 1/3 cup Bat’s Blood

• 2  2/3 cups Black Cat Fur

• 1 1/2 tbls Spider Webs

• 1 tblsp chopped ear of newt

•  3  1/4 cups blackberry juice (for sweetener)

Stir well, and let simmer for 3 days

Each recipe makes 2 dozen cups of steamy swamp broth; one for each scary attendant to the Halloween Party (24)

All fractions are added appropriately: tbls added to tbls; cups added to cups; to make a total quantity of liquid/brew.


Each student creates their own recipe for a witches’ brew, all using different amounts.  They must add all the ingredients together for their total liquid.  Then, they trade with another student for their recipe, and add their total amounts of liquid.

Making it More Challenging:

What if there were more or less attendants to the party?  12? (1/2 number)….36 (1  1/2 the amount)? Depending on the number of attendants to the Halloween Party, the amounts of each ingredient must be altered.  How would the ingredients have to be changed to make the appropriate amount?  What are the new totals?

Making it Less Challenging:

Whole Numbers in the recipes can be used for an easier math lesson.

Have a Happy and Fun Scarrrrry Halloween teaching and learning fractions!

Here are some of other fun games for learning fractions!



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