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Basic Algebra Practice Test Questions

Basic Algebra questions are common on most College Entrance exams, High School exams, Nursing Entrance Exams and High School Equivalence exams.

Heart Math

What colors of candy are more popular in a typical bag of Valentine Hearts?  World over, kids pretty much enjoy receiving and giving Valentines to their friends on Valentine’s Day.  This year, make it a math learning experience, so the fun is included in the work.

Here is a Fun Idea for making it a Happy Heart Math day applicable to Grades 1-4 that encourage comprehension skills of:

Assessing, making predictions, and organizing

Counting, creating, adding, comparing

Listing/ recording data, and reading a graph

This activity is about making heart graphs, inspiring practice and comprehension for making graphs in general, and using fun hearts specifically.


Bag of Multi-colored Candy Hearts, about 5/6 cups (1 cup worth for each 5 students)

Decimal Activities

Even kids use decimals almost everyday without even realizing it. They speak of dollars and cents in everyday conversation, and are using one of the applications of decimals. Yet for some reason, this remains one area of math that elementary students find intimidating. It doesn’t have to be that way. Here are several creative methods of teaching about tenths and hundredths that your learners will find simple and actually enjoy.

1) Kids seem to have trouble saying decimals correctly. The Human Decimal Machine is a way of helping them. On pieces of construction paper, write the digits 0 through 9, and another one with a decimal point, and give one to each

Teaching Through Natural Inspiration

j0396086_2For learners to become lifelong learners and well-rounded happy people in society, it is important for us to work with them.  Finding innovative ways of teaching that will produce effective results is a challenge that every teacher faces in the classroom.  Integrating learning with games simply makes teaching and learning fun.  In some cases where needed, it can provide an impetus for re-stimulating a child’s natural desire to learn.This is especially important if, during anywhere in the child’s schooling, there was an overemphasis on making the grade – where making the grade became a subconsciously anxiety-driven displaced goal for recognition and appreciation.