Smarties Game for Learning Fractions

Teachers can implement a fun game for students that not only give them a chance to have fun learning fractions, but they can also learn how to use fractions in real life. This game CB058388incorporates many skills that engage the students and motivate them in wanting to learn more. Some of the skills that are used are many of the fundamentals of math – as well as a variety of other subjects. Several of these skills include adding, creating their own fractions, and the opportunity to use their imagination. By using this innovative lesson plan students will have fun interacting with other students, share ideas, as well as practice their ability to understand fractions.

This game is ideal for students in grades 5-7.  Students will learn how to compare fractions with one another.


Mini-smarties candy bag

Smarties lab worksheets

Markers or crayons -yellow, red, brown, pink, blue, orange

Poster Paper

The entire length of this lesson would take about 1 hour of time. You can also adjust the time to fit your needs.

1. Have students pair with another student so that there are groups of 2.

2. Have the students motivated about this game by asking leading questions, for instance:

-Tell me what your definition of a fraction is?

-How can we make fractions?

3.Explain to the students the purpose of the worksheets and explain the directions of the lab.

4.Ask the students if they need help or have any questions before you start.

5.Have the students separate  the smarties candy by color.

6.The students can then create their own fractions by using the amount of smarties they have in comparison to (whole) the different colors of the Smarties (part).

7.Have the students draw a circle and using their poster paper they can then divide the circle into the amount of Smarties that they have in their bag.

8.Once the students have completed their project, you can then go around the room and have an open discussion about their findings.


Teachers can also allow the kids to eat the smarties candy after they have completed the project. This works as an added incentive for the students. Plus, they will be rewarded for a job well done!  Teachers can also reward the person with the most creative point of view and or the best explanation of their findings by giving them an additional box of smarties candy.

…and one other fun fractions game for Grades 5/6:

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