Send Your Classroom to Space!

Fun school activities are always music to a teacher’s ears.  Whether you are an Elementary, Middle, or High school teacher this event is sure to excite your students.  Classroom activities such as this one can be incorporated into any subject related to space and its fun for any age.

Our solar system, sometimes just earth, can be a complicated subject area for students to comprehend. However by providing these children with an inspirational and educational learning experience, in which they will never forget, may spark their interest in this subject.  Still one of the most popular things kids’ claim they want to be when they grow up is an Astronaut.

On April 25th, 2011 Photos To Space is launching a rocket into space to honor the 50th anniversary of Man’s First Space Flight.  The following year we will have another mission to space to honor the 50th anniversary of America’s First Space Flight.  To show your appreciation toward space flight, send a photo of your students to space!

Visit Schools in Space

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