Puzzle Pieces for Multiplication Tables

Almost everyone loves the mystery of solving puzzles. They give us a chance to use our critical thinking skills – and, give us a sense of accomplishment when we are able to see the final product. By putting together a picture, separated into pieces, you are showing the class that sometimes more than one answer is required in order to solve the problem. You will also be demonstrating the importance and the value of teamwork. This is a great activity to use when teaching the students. What is even better is that you get involved as well, so everyone is included in this fun game.math times


A 4×6 Poster or any size you desire

Construction Paper

Dark Marker

Regular Paper



Adhesive Tape

Teacher’s Instructions:

1. Find a poster board with a popular cartoon character or age-appropriate movie that will appeal to the students. An example would be Sponge Bob Square Pants or Harry Potter.

Make sure you find a picture that is sturdy enough to cut into pieces as well as easy to cut, or you can use the construction paper to support the back of the poster. Use the glue as adhesive for the poster and the construction paper.

2. You can break up the picture into as many pieces as you would like. Cut the desired number of sections to make the number of puzzle pieces.

3. Write a variety of different multiplication table problems on a piece of paper. This will be for your eyes only.

4. On the back of each puzzle piece, you can write the answers that correspond to the puzzle piece problems you previously wrote. Also, be sure to add some type of adhesive to the top of the puzzle piece so it will stay on the board.

Classroom Instructions:

This excellent activity involves using the multiplication tables to put together the pieces of a puzzle to form a picture. Each multiplication problem that is answered correctly, corresponds to a specific puzzle piece and where it should be placed on the board. The teacher will be instructing the class and have students come up to the board to solve multiplication problems in order to accomplish the solving of the multiplication problems and the piecing of the puzzle.

Depending on what grade this is for, the multiplication problems can vary in difficulty, from very basic to advanced. When you have completed the game, the children will see the end-result which is the completed puzzle.

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