Pass The Times Tables Test!

Here’s a game that makes learning fun! Instead of giving your students yet another worksheet to complete, take those same problems, write them on index cards and turn it into a game. Practicing this way keeps your students focused, on-task and alert.


1)    Before class, create numbered index cards with the problems you want the students to solve (see figure 1). Create one card for each student in your class.

Figure 1 

2)    Set up the classroom. I find that it is easiest to set the desks up in a circle so that students pass the cards clockwise and there is no confusion about who to pass the card to. Before the game, I also make all the students point to the person to whom they will pass their card.

3)    Prepare the recording sheet. It is extremely helpful to provide students with a numbered table to record their answers. I find it is beneficial to have students put a star on the number problem that they are starting with so they record their answers in the correct box. (See figure 2 for an example).

Figure 2 






How to Play:

1)    Give each student a blank recording sheet. Then distribute the problems to solve. Each student is given a different index card to begin the game. Have the students put a star on the problem they will start with.

2)    Have the students solve the problem in front of them. Once they are done, the teacher says, “Pass” and all the students pass their card to the person next to them. Students then work on the problem on the card they just received, making sure they record it in the correct box.

3)    Continue this way until the students have completed each problem.

4)    Have the students provide the answer for the card they are left holding at the end of the game.


1)    This game is not a timed activity, but most students find it more exciting when they have a set amount of time to finish. I tend to supervise the class and when it appears everyone is finished, I start counting down from 5.

2)    Enforce the rule that students are not permitted to pass cards until the teacher says, “Pass.” Otherwise, students end up with more than one card on their desks and end up passing the wrong card.

3)    I have used this game with every subject and grade level ever taught. It is a great way to practice vocabulary, review for an exam, assess student understanding, etc.

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