Meteor Madness

Meteor Multiplication assists students in learning multiplication. This is a fun video game for learning elementary multiplication. Large meteors with multiplication problems in them move from all around the screen toward a large star station in the center of the screen. Answers to the problems are placed in the center of the star station, the station gun is aimed at the approaching meteor,… and the gun is fired to disintegrate the meteor. If a meteor reaches the star station before disintegrated with the correct answer, the meteor hits the station and shatters. Answers are placed in the star station and gun moved and fired by designated keyboard keys. Hits and misses are recorded in the galaxy at the bottom of the screen. For a link to the game, you can go here:

And for one of our fun games for teaching multiplication, division, subtraction and addition, you can try our Quiz Master:

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  1. kyle says:

    This game is pretty sweet. Man if you dont like math than this is the game to play even for little kids who dont think they like math. this games makes multiplication a lot more fun than using flash cards.

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