Fraction Games- Activities

Equivalent Fractions Card Game

Complete card game using equivalent fractions. Students draw and discard fractions cards until they have a set, comprising the lowest common factor, and 2 equivalent fractions cards.
Equivalent Fractions Card Game


Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and division board game for Grade 4.

Hex-A-Race Board Game

 Teaching fractions with Chocolate

Here is a great game for teaching fractions with chocolate bars. Printable chocolate bars segmented into fractional pieces and complete instructions for the teacher.

Chocolate Fractions

Decimals Board Game

Grades 4 – 5

Board game covers adding and subtracting decimals, and comparing decimals to fractions.

Decimals Board Game

Grade 5 Fractions Board Game

Grades 5 -6

Here is a fun way to practice adding and subtracting fractions and adding to make a whole number.

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Whole Number & Fractions Card Game

Suitable for Grade 4 – 6 

4 Learning Games are included: 

  1. Go Figure! (like Go Fish!)
  2. Pie! (likeConcentration)
  3. Matrix!
  4. Calculator! (old-fashioned A & Q Game)

Games Go Figure! And Pie! are simple comprehension games. Calculator! and Matrix!are more challenging.

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Fractions Quiz Master!

Quiz master ‘old-fashioned A & Q’ style game for students. Students choose a Category, Simply, Add, Everything or Subtract. Next they choose the difficulty of the questions (points 1 – 6). Next the Quiz Master gives an answer, and they must supply the question.

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Pie and Pizza Activities and Games

Cut-out reproducible pie and pizza images plus complete instructions. Includes instructions for Equivalent fractions Trading Game

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