Dividing With Decimals Made Easy

When you are dividing with decimals it can be a little confusing unless you learn to make it easy on yourself. All you have to do is to remember is that you want to have a whole number for your divisor so you simply move the decimal point over on the dividend the same number of points that you have removed from the divisor. Are you confused yet?

For example if you are dividing 5.93 into 1763.28 – you would change this to 593 into 176328.00 and then continue. Your divisor is now a whole number instead of a decimal – 593 instead of 5.93 – and your dividend becomes 176328 instead of 1763.28. Sounds so simple doesn’t it? But people let that silly little decimal point get them every time.

You then keep dividing until the answer reveals itself. If your answer does not go into the dividend and make an even number you should keep adding zeroes to the right of the decimal point until it becomes even or it keeps on repeating itself.

You should then place the decimal point above the decimal point in the dividend making the answer 297.349. To check to see if your answer is accurate you can multiply the quotient (your answer) of 297.349 times the divisor (5.93) and it should equal your dividend of 1763.28. Therefore your answer is correct and you have divided your decimals easily!

Division of decimals requires your ability to multiply correctly and add but you can always check your work with a calculator but not until you have finished and revealed your own answer! Decimals are just mathematics way of putting challenges into your everyday life. Learning to use decimals will be used often in daily life in maintaining your budget and paying your bills so it pays to learn this well!

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  1. Brianna says:

    Good advice!!!! Im being homeschooled and this helep me tons! Thanks again!!!

  2. Brianna says:


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