Distance Education: Not Just for Older Adults

Some people tend to think of distance learning as something people do later in their lives, when circumstances prevent their going to a physical university.  And while online education is great for these  people, there are many situations in which a normal college-aged person  might prefer to choose an online school.

For instance, what if you fall in love while in high school or shortly after graduation?  Many people have found themselves in the position of needing to decide between marriage and going to college.  An online school allows you to pursue your education while also building your relationship with your new spouse.

Even if you’re not quite ready for marriage yet, there’s no denying that online education usually costs less than going away to college.  This means if you’re struggling with your finances but desperately want to go to college, then bring college to you.  Distance education allows you to get that degree without paying to live on campus–a huge part of the college expense. Or if you already have a degree, Online Continuing Education is a great option, or even just taking a few classes online.

A few people, by the time they’ve decided to go to college, have already landed a job that they love.  Some even consider making this job their career.  Of course, going away to a bricks-and-mortar college would demand that they give up this job, and hope that upon graduation, they could re-enter that field that they love so much.  An online school, though, will allow you to set your own hours for study, so that you can continue in your present job.

And finally, some college-aged students simply admit to themselves that they move at a slower rate than others, especially in difficult courses.  If you suspect that this is true for you, then an online school might help you, since there is more flexibility to move at your own pace.  So even if you’re 18 or 19, and your educational needs are different from others, give some thought to online education.

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  1. Sam says:

    I think that the future of mathematics education will be tailored to individual persons so that everyone can move at their own pace. But, meanwhile online education is very popular right now.


  2. Anonymous says:

    thank you for your great post!.It is interesting and helpful. Good luck with your blog !!!

  3. great post! so interesting…………

  4. virgie paredo says:

    nice resources of many mathematics teacher..

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