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Tic Tac Toe and Times Tables

We as adults play board games all the time. They are a way to break free from the everyday mundane tasks and allow us to enjoy some quality leisure time with the people we enjoy spending time with. The same philosophy goes for students. Students day in and day out are always learning new material so by incorporating a fun game into their learning activity will not only make time move a lot quicker, but the children will also be engaged as well. One game in particular that you can tie into your lesson plan could be Tic Tac Toe with times tables.Tic Tac Toe.svg

Point System for Multiplication Tables

42-16225331You can teach the students a fun activity incorporating multiplication times-tables with this inquisitive game that includes the concept of a point system. Who doesn’t love a little competition? I think just about everyone, including children. So with that in mind how about teaching them a little about intrinsic and extrinsic motivation as well?

Did you know that most people in general tend to do better with any activity when they are competing against someone else? One great way to accomplish this is to incorporate a technique through a fun and stimulating school activity.  The way that this game works is that each student is given different times-tables problems.

Puzzle Pieces for Multiplication Tables

Almost everyone loves the mystery of solving puzzles. They give us a chance to use our critical thinking skills – and, give us a sense of accomplishment when we are able to see the final product. By putting together a picture, separated into pieces, you are showing the class that sometimes more than one answer is required in order to solve the problem. You will also be demonstrating the importance and the value of teamwork. This is a great activity to use when teaching the students. What is even better is that you get involved as well, so everyone is included in this fun game.math times


A 4×6 Poster or any size you desire

Construction Paper

Dark Marker

Regular Paper

Beads Shakers Makes Math Easy

Abacus GirlThis fun game is ideal for anyone who wants to learn multiplication tables in a non-traditional way and make some music at the same time. The great thing about this game is that it can be played with multiple players or with one player, which makes it a great way for students to practice in their own time. Plus, it beats good ol’ math problems by having the students interact with one another so everyone has the chance to test their multiplication skills.

Materials Needed:

One egg carton with 12 slots

Black Marker (Sharpie)

2 different colored medium sized rounded beads

Sarah Jane learn the EZ Times Table© A second grade student learns to multiply and create the multiplication table in one hour in this patent pending system. She also learns division, addition, subtraction, factors, squares, fractions, tables and graphing. This shows how to teach using the book, EZ Times Table. It was written by Tom Biesanz and illustrated by Jakob Marsh.There are also playful patterns for creating the Ones, Twos, Threes, Fours, Sixes (five different ways) Sevens, Eights, Nines, and even the whole times table on a blank table. Kids, Teachers, Parents, and schools will benefit from this fun way to approach the times table that creates a positive attitude about math. The editor of Curriculum Review magazine says, “I like the book [EZ Times Table] because it is user-friendly and can be utilized with a variety of grade-school children.” See the book EZ Times Table available on and on the website

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Sarah Jane learn the EZ Times Table©

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Knowing the times tables is just a shortcut. if you understand the math, you don't need to know the tables as you can always work out the answer. But you must know one or the other, lest you end up unable to manage your finances and people steal

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Creative Ideas for Using Worksheets

The profession of teaching is all about constantly responding to new challenges. As students evolve in the face of all the new technologies they are subjected to everyday, their demands change. What was once the leading edge in teaching can become passé quickly but one of the constants in the elementary school teaching ranks has always been the worksheet. These are invaluable tools for the elementary school teacher, and in changing times this useful tool has gone pretty much unchanged in its importance. And since mathematics continues as one of the most important subjects for elementary school children to grasp, the fundamentals of the elementary math worksheet and the thought processes behind them deserve a thorough look.

30 Tips for teaching Elementary Math

  1. Small dry erase boards (or white boards from your local home supply store cut into squares) and dry erase markers are great tools when teaching math. You write a problem out on the board and have all of your students copy it down and work it out. The first one that lifts their board in the air with the correct answer wins a treat. (Tip: Maybe set a time limit for each problem)

  2. You can create a game show in your classroom with touch light’s (those lights you push on and they turn on) and math problems. Divide your class into two teams (boys versus girls if you can) and each student gets a light. You give out math problems and the student or team that completes the problem first hits their light and their team gets a point (if the problem is right). Offer some type of prize to the winning team.

Manipulatives for Teaching Times Tables

Times tables are the basic facts involved in every multiplication problem, regardless of how many digits are in each number. Knowing those tables not only aids in multiplication, but also it helps make division an easier process. Of course, the trick for most teachers is finding ways to help the students actually learn those tables. Grouping