4 Fractions Games Package

4 Fractions Games Package
Here is a great package for teachers and homeschooler, with 4 interactive games, plus wordfind and crossword puzzle.

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Included in our package:

GAME #1 – Equivalent Fractions Card Game

Equivalent Fractions Card Game — get elementary school students competing against each other, having fun and learning fractions before they every know it!


42 printable fractions playing cards. Print out the cards, have students cut them out and you are ready to go!

GAME #2 – Fractions Quiz Master

Quiz master ‘jeopardy’ style interactive game for students. Students choose a Category, Simply, Add, Everything or Subtract. Next they choose the difficulty of the questions (points 1 – 6). Next the Quiz Master gives an answer, and they must supply the question


30 different printable cards. Just print them off and you are ready to go.


GAME #3 – Teaching Fractions with Chocolate

Here is a great game for teaching fractions with chocolate bars. Students love this one. The underlying concepts are made visual and concrete allowing students to explore and discover for themselves!


Printable chocolate bars segmented into fractional pieces. Print them off and have students cut them and you are ready to go.


GAME #4 – Pie and Pizza Fraction Games

Here is a great game for teaching fractions using food (which students love). Use to introduce and/or reinforce the concept of fractions. Visual presentation gets complex and counterintuitive concepts across quickly and easily.

The color graphics allows students to discover and explore fractions themselves. Once they understand the basic concepts, or for a more advanced group, play fractions trading game!

Included in this downloadable Package:

Printable pie and pizza graphics. Full color graphics.

Students become so involved they forget they are learning.

Students retain more of what they learn because they enjoy themselves

Students leave class with positive feelings, and look forward to coming back!

No preparation! Saves you hours and hours.

Use this package over and over. Saves you time and money!



Also included:

Fractions Word Find Game — This is a great exercise for students to practice the concepts of fractions and have fun! Included at no extra charge.

Fractions Crossword Puzzle — Students can practice making fractions while doing a crossword puzzle. Includes answers. Included at no extra charge!

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