• Basic Algebra Practice Test Questions

    Basic Algebra Practice Test Questions

    Basic Algebra questions are common on most College Entrance exams, High School exams, Nursing Entrance Exams and High School Equivalence exams.

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  • Heart Math

    Heart Math

    What colors of candy are more popular in a typical bag of Valentine Hearts?  World over, kids pretty much enjoy receiving and giving Valentines to their friends on Valentine’s Day.  This year, make it a math learning experience, so the fun is included in the work. Here is a Fun Idea for making it a… Read More

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  • Decimal Activities

    Decimal Activities

    Even kids use decimals almost everyday without even realizing it. They speak of dollars and cents in everyday conversation, and are using one of the applications of decimals. Yet for some reason, this remains one area of math that elementary students find intimidating. It doesn’t have to be that way. Here are several creative methods… Read More

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  • Teaching Through Natural Inspiration

    Teaching Through Natural Inspiration

    teaching article about pedagogy methods of teaching elementary math through inspiration

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Measuring Noah’s Rainbow Arc

Have your class make a homemade Noah’s arc.  You will need creative materials: a ruler a tetra pack or other recycled container that floats sticky pine pitch or an eco-friendly sealant other thoughtful decorative creative materials In the bible, Noah is instructed to make an arc large enough and strong enough to fit a lot… Read More

Fractions in The Kitchen

Fractions in The Kitchen

Choose a recipe from home; notice the fractions used in the recipe.  Formulate fraction questions; and calculate the questions.  Then go ahead and have an baking extravaganza in your school’s kitchen, or at home.  Here is a sample: Potato Tea Buns This classroom kitchen recipe was a combination of Tea Buns from the Telephone Pioneers… Read More

Graphing Classroom Activity

Graphing Classroom Activity

Roll to Win Investigation – Graphing Classroom Activity   Graphing is an excellent way to display data visually. Students will come in contact with a variety of data and ways to display this data over time. It is important that students understand that there are three main types of graphs used to display information. The… Read More

Finding Area – Classroom Exercises

Area is All Around Us!  Simple Geometry Classroom Activities   One challenge that students often face is realizing that math DOES actually relate to the real world and that they will actually use the information they are learning at some point in their life. Area happens to be one of those topics that students struggle… Read More

Multiplication Can Be Simple! - with a handout game!

Multiplication Can Be Simple! – with a handout game!

Multiplication is an operation that requires you to add another number to itself a certain number of times as indicated in the multiplication equation. When students first start learning the concept of multiplication, it is more simple as time goes on for kids to learn. Memorizing multiplication facts works for some students but not for all!… Read More

Identifying Polygons

Polygons can be defined as two-dimensional, closed figures that are described by the number of sides, length of sides, and the kinds of angles. Many polygons have a respective name depending on their description. Some common polygons you will work with include: triangles, squares, rectangles, trapezoids, quadrilaterals, rhombus, pentagons, hexagons, parallelogram, and octagons. When learning… Read More

Adding and Subtracting Polynomials

Adding and Subtracting Polynomials

Ever launched a Rocket and wanted to determine how High it goes? Polynomials can come in handy when trying to model the flight path of a Rocket.  Did You Know that  when shooting a rocket straight up in the air, the rocket’s path can be modeled using the polynomial equation: y = -16t2 + vt… Read More

Math and The Chromatic Scale: Loving Music, Loving Math

Math and The Chromatic Scale: Loving Music, Loving Math

Harmony occurs in music when two pitches vibrate at frequencies in small integer ratios.  Long ago, Greek people realized the concept of harmony occurred when sounds and frequencies are in rational proportion. i.e., One Octave is equal to when the frequency is doubled, and a tripling of frequency brings the key One Octave higher, and… Read More

Golden Mean Ratio: Egyptian Sculpture

Golden Mean Ratio: Egyptian Sculpture

Math in Ancient Sculpture is one of the most interesting and intriguing applications of mathematics, both formula equation and geometric structure.  This article examines the Golden Mean Ratio and Fibonacci   Sequence found in the Bust of Nefertiti in Egypt in the early 1900’s. Nefertiti literally, means, “the beautiful one has come”, and is the 14th-century BC Great… Read More

Torus Math - The Doughnut

Torus Math – The Doughnut

Welcome Back to Math Class!  We trust all had a wonder-filled summer filled with fun spherical geometric shapes and bursting color!  Our Back-to-school math topic this autumn is about the math magic of the Torus. A torus is: the area and volume of, basically, a doughnut shape, shown here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Torus.png The author of harmonic resolution; The… Read More